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The Future of Transportation

Introducing the GreenPower Fuel Saver iOS App

How much can bus operators save by switching to an EV350 all-electric bus? There’s an app for that.

Operators can now input the information for their existing buses/routes for the distance travelled, cost of diesel fuel and fleet efficiency, and the Fuel Saver app will automatically calculate the annual fuel savings per year of switching to an EV350 all-electric bus.

The application is ready for use on iPhones or iPads running iOS version 6.0 or later, and can be downloaded at no charge from the Apple App Store.

App Flow:


  • The user selects their country.
  • The App calculates the annual fuel savings for either imperial or metric inputs.


  • A user can input their data for each field with our easy to use bus slider.
  • Each slider starts on a default value which is the industry norm. The user can change any of these to fit their circumstances.
  • A link is provided for look-up tables with current diesel prices.After completing this, the user selects the calculate button.


  • After pressing the calculate button, the App provides the annual fuel savings for switching to an EV350 all-electric bus from a traditional diesel bus.
  • A user can go back to the previous screen and change inputs for alternative scenarios.